Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG (PWO AG)

Our Headquarter in Oberkirch, Germany, is home to the Group‘s high-tech centre of excellence. It is here that we develop the innovative products and processes that serve as a Benchmark for the other Locations. In the span of the almost 100-year history, PWO AG has become one of the world's leaders in the development and production of sophisticated metal components and subsystems in the field of lightweight construction.

Data & Facts

FoundationSeptember 1919
Executive BoardCarlo Lazzarini, Dr. Cornelia Ballwießer, Johannes Obrecht
Chairman of the Supervisory BoardKarl M. Schmidhuber
Company Registration NumberHRB 490007
Sales2020: EUR 199 million (2019: EUR 257 million)
Average number of employees (incl. temporary workers)2020: 1,444 employees (2019: 1,583)

Quality, Environment and Energy

Instructions & Regulations


Since March 2016, Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG (PWO) has been  certified as an "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO) of the European Union for customs simplification/safety (AEO-F). This identifies PWO as a particularly reliable and trustworthy partner (Authorized Economic Operator), enabling it to take advantage of special concessions granted within the framework of the customs clearance process.  

These include, inter alia:

  • Fewer physical and document-based controls (all forms of AEO).
  • Higher-priority examination of consignments which need to be checked (all forms of AEO).
  • When an application is made to have the utilization of simplifications under customs law approved, the prerequisites checked when the AEO certificate was originally issued are not checked for a second time (for AEO-C and AEO-F).
  • Reduced dataset for the transmission of summary entry and exit declarations (for AEO-S and AEO-F).
  • Prior notification of impending checks (for AEO-S and AEO-F).
  • Improved customs cooperation.
  • Recognition of AEO status as a quality characteristic (trustworthy business partner). 
AEO Certificate Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG | No. DE AEOF 120418 | Valid as of: 18 March 2016 | Issued by: Hauptzollamt LörrachMarch 2016 | Ausgestellt von: Hauptzollamt Lörrach
AEO Certificate Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG | No. DE AEOF 120418 | Valid as of: 18 March 2016 | Issued by: Hauptzollamt LörrachMarch 2016 | Ausgestellt von: Hauptzollamt Lörrach

Contact & Roadmap

Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG

Tel.: +49 (7802) 84-0
Fax: +49 (7802) 84-273

Access VIA Main Building/Registered Office For visitors and Customers 

Industriestrasse 8
77704 Oberkirch

Truck access VIA Gate 1 for logistic service Providers and other Service providers 

77704 Oberkirch

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