Our customers’ long-term satisfaction is our success. With our innovative capabilities, flexibility and reliability, we offer customers complete solution capabilities over their entire product cycle, regardless of any changes. Geographically, we provide our solution capabilities wherever our customers need it. This is how we position ourselves as a global problem-solver for the international mobility industry.

We speak the language of our customers, understand their systems along with their value chain and can therefore seamlessly integrate our solutions. Our innovative, resource- and cost-efficient process combinations offer customers the quickest response times and delivery reliability. Everything with zero-defect quality. This is one of our unique features.

Our deep knowledge of the market and its global megatrends and our core expertise in product and process innovation, tool design, forming and joining technologies and in process design and logistics, all contribute to PWO’s all-encompassing performance capabilities. This is how we are able to almost always offer the better solution and even exceed customer requirements – with simplified handling, fewer process steps, less resources, higher quality and lighter weight. And we do all of this globally, at any time, regardless of the drive technology.

The Corona pandemic calls for the greatest flexibility in the management of all processes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been able to deliver top quality at all times and to fully meet changes requested by customers. This success not only demonstrates the stability and resilience of our processes, but also reflects the commitment and passion with which all our employees work towards our common goals.

Johannes Obrecht, COO

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